Fantastic flavours, friendly delivery, recommend To anyone it was just lovely.

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Ruposhi are always 10/10 the best Indian takeaway place in Bath. In fact the best takeaway full stop. Great food, great service - and super aware of their customers. A credit to the area of Widcombe and Bath. Highly recommended!

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No need to look elsewhere, this is the best Indian Takeaway in Bath. I’m a Bathonian and have been a customer since 1989.

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As always, 10/10, I have been a customer of Ruposhi since the late 80’s. Quality is second to none, it’s a wholesome family business which I’m proud to be a customer of.

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Fantastic as always. I love the CTM with extra garlic and chilli as it gives chilli heads the kick they’re looking for on on “hot dish”. Personally I like a passanda with a good amount of fresh green chillis. It’s sweet but boy does it give you that chilli kick! Not traditional or authentic, but BIR is in a class of its own. Ruposhi can do what you wish, which is why I think it’s the best.

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